Preventative home remedies specific for urocystitis(cystitis)

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Health Consultation Description: Apart from diet, what else can I do to reduce urinary tract infections?

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As well as taking care with your diet, observing good hygiene when going to the toilet, inserting tampons and having sex, it is sensible to avoid tight trousers or tight underwear. This is because it is easier for bacteria to travel in an area that is sweaty, which is more likely when clothes are tight.

Don’t resist the urge to urinate – always go when you need to. This avoids urine becoming too concentrated and irritating the lining of the bladder. Once the bladder lining is irritated or inflamed it is far less resistant to infection.

Preventative Home Remedies: Remember to drink plenty of fluids every day – not only when you have cystitis. Avoid wearing very tight clothes and wear loose, cotton underwear. If you have already had cystitis, the following recommendations are important if you want to prevent another infection. Avoid using douches, soaps or deodorants in your vaginal area, this usually destroys the natural environment and allows certain bacteria to grow. After having a shower, try to pat dry the vaginal and anal areas rather than rubbing them. Avoid rubbing these areas as this can irritate your skin.

It is also helpful to urinate after sex in order to get rid of any bacteria that have been transferred. Finally, treat any sexually transmitted infection (STI) or vaginal infection as early as possible, before they trigger a bout of cystitis (e.g. thrush or trichomoniasis).

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