Using condoms as a remedy and preventative approach for urethritis

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Health Consultation Description: Can Urethritis kill me?

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Condition analysis:
Urethritis will not kill you , it can cause some other complications to you . Complications of untreated urethritis can be serious, even life threatening in some cases. You can help minimize your risk of serious complications by following the treatment plan you and your health care professional design specifically for you. Complications of urethritis include:
-- Chronic pelvic pain
-- Infertility
-- Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID, an infection of a woman's reproductive organs)
-- Prostatitis (inflammation and infection of the prostate)
-- Spread of infection
-- Urethral scarring and narrowing,try some diuretic and anti-inflamamtory pill .Do not waste time on treating

Use Condoms:
Using condoms is both a preventative approach for urethritis, as well as a remedy. Condoms help to prevent the vast majority of sexually transmitted infections, and can also make sex less painful if you are, in fact, having sex while suffering from urethritis. Although many people don’t like using condoms, it’s the safest way to protect yourself and your partner!

Juniper Berry:
Although this is far from the most common berry out there, it has been closely linked to urethral inflammation and possesses a number of beneficial qualities. Similar to cranberries, juniper berries benefit urethritis sufferers in much the same way. It strengthens the immune system and soothes painful irritation, while preventing the infection from spreading to other parts of the reproductive system.

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