Are there any home remedy for infant jaundice

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Health consultation description: What is infant jaundice? Are there any home remedy for jaundice?

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Infant jaundice is when a baby’s skin, eyes, and mouth turn a yellow color. Jaundice is common in the first few days of a baby’s life. The yellow color is caused by bilirubin.

Bilirubin is made when the body breaks down old red blood cells. This is a normal process that happens all through life. Usually, the liver filters bilirubin from the bloodstream, but an infant’s liver might not yet be developed enough to filter out the bilirubin. If bilirubin builds up in your baby’s body, it can give your baby jaundice.

Home Remedies for Baby Jaundice:
The most important thing a mother must keep in her mind is to rotate the breast while feeding the baby so that baby’s stomach is filled completely. Monopolizing on breast feeding leads to babies getting tired and thus they stop sucking milk even when their stomach are not filled. This nutritional deficiency leads to jaundice. Thus mothers should rotate their feeding to avoid the development of jaundice in their kids. Mothers can also take some herbs for more milk production so that their babies are fed well. The bilirubin present in the baby’s liver gets expelled through stools and it is important to feed the baby as often as possible. This helps in reduction of jaundice levels faster.

New born babies must get sufficient sun light to avoid the development of jaundice in them. Sunlight breaks down the bilirubin levels and leads your baby’s bilirubin to normal levels. Make sure to save your baby’s tender skin from direct sunburns by exposing the baby only to sunlight early in the morning. For natural sunlight, place your baby near the window where sunlight will come to your baby but not directly. Make sure that the light falls at least 5 minutes on the stomach of the baby and 5 minutes on the back of the baby.

Breastfeeding mothers can take some natural detoxifiers which will help the baby flush out the access bilirubin from their body. Comfrey leaf, dandelion tea and agrimony are some of the great natural detoxifiers which promotes expelling bilirubin faster in the baby.

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