What should be done to prevent nuclear jaundice

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Health consultation description: What is nuclear jaundice? What should be done to prevent nuclear jaundice?

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Bilirubin encephalopathy is due to increased blood bilirubin, mainly unbound bilirubin increased, the latter into the central nervous system, basal ganglia in the brain, hypothalamus, globus pallidus and other parts of the lesion, serum bilirubin > 342umol / L (20mg / dl) there is the risk of occurrence of nuclear jaundice. Mainly manifested as severe jaundice muscle tension is too low or too high, lethargy, milk resistance, rigidity, angle arch, convulsions and so on. The disease due to neonatal hemolytic disease caused by (maternal and child blood type is not the most, G-6PD defects followed), jaundice, anemia in patients with severe bilirubin encephalopathy, such as bilirubin encephalopathy, the treatment effect Good, serious consequences, easy to leave the mental retardation, hand, foot and Xu, hearing disorders, convulsions and other sequelae. So the prevention of the disease is the key. Found neonatal jaundice, should be early to the hospital diagnosis and treatment can prevent the disease occurred.

Prevention: Treatment should focus on the active prevention and treatment of hyperbilirubinemia, to prevent the occurrence of nuclear jaundice. Lipid-soluble indirect bilirubin is the main cause of nuclear jaundice. This is because indirect bilirubin through the children's blood-brain barrier, and the central nerve cells combined on the brain nerve tissue toxic effects, which will appear neurological symptoms. If survived, they often leave serious sequelae of nuclear jaundice.

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