What are some home remedies for male infertility

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Health consultation description: What is male infertility? What are some home remedies for male infertility?

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If a man is unable to impregnate a woman even after a year of unprotected sex without the use of any contraceptive measures whatsoever, and during the most fertile periods of the woman, doctors interpret it as a case of male infertility. In one fifth of all such cases both partners might be reasonably responsible for the failure of the woman to conceive, however there is a higher 50/50 chance that the male partner is infertile in such cases. While it is generally agreed that the higher the sperm count in the man, the higher the chances of impregnating a woman, it is still not decided by researchers as to how much sperm is necessary in one ejaculation to state fertility in a normal healthy male.

How can I treat male infertility at home?
1. Maca Root: Maca Roots are known to improve sperm production and motility in males. It is one of the most popular herbs to treat male infertility to improve male fertility.

Directions to Use:
Take 1 to 3 teaspoons of maca root in 2 divided doses for a few months
Take daily for best results. You can add it it a glass of water or to your smoothies and protein shakes. Alternately sprinkle some maca root on your morning cereal

Remember, maca roots are high in fiber. Start out by taking ? teaspoon and gradually increase the intake over the weeks.

2. Panax Ginseng: It is also known as Korean Ginseng. It is commonly used by the Chinese to traditionally help bodies adapt to stress. This can also be used to successfully increase testosterone. Panax Ginseng also helps increase sperm count and motility to enhance male fertility.

Directions to Use:
Take 1 to 3 capsules of 500 mg Panax ginseng daily for at least 3 months.
It can also help improve erectile performance. In any case, please do consult your doctor before taking ginseng supplements.

3. Tribulus: Tribulus terrestris, also known as gokshura, is an Ayurvedic remedy to increase sperm count and improve sperm quality. It can enhance hormone levels. It is an aphrodisiac herb that is also known to be helpful in treating oligozoospermia (low sperm count).

Directions for Use:
Take 1 to 3 capsules of 500 mg Tribulus terrestris daily
Continue this for few months

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