Astringent Herbs

Halloysitum Rubrum (Chishizhi)
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The source is from a mineral of silicate salt of poly-hydrate kaolinate group, containing mainly hydrated Aluminum silicate. The medicinal material is mainly produced in Fujian, Shandong, and Henan provinces, and collected all year around. The impurity being removed from it, it is ground into powder with water or calcined and then ground into powder with water for medication.

Medicinal Properties:
Sweet, sour and astringent in flavor, warm in nature and attributive to the large intestine and stomach meridians. 
Astringe the intestine to arrest diarrhea and bleeding, and promote tissue regeneration and healing of wounds.

halloysitum rubrum (chishizhi)

1. It can be applied for hypofunction of the lower energizer manifested as uncontrollable diarrhea, hemafecia, prolapse of the rectum. In treating prolonged and uncontrollable lingering diarrhea, it is usually used together with Yuyuliang  (Limonitum),  such as Chishizhi Yuyuliang Tang (Decoction); in treating dysentery caused by cold and deficiency, endless pus and blood in the stool, it is often combined with Ganjiang (Rhizoma Zingiberis), Jingmi ( Semen Oryzae Sativae), such as Taohua Tang (Decoction).
2. For metrostaxis that lingers for a long time, it can be used in combination with Cebaiye (Cacumen Biotae) and Wuzeigu (Os Sepiellae seu Sepiae), which are calcined and ground into powder for oral administration, such as Chishizhi San (Powder). It can also be used to treat leukorrhagia with bloody discharge together with Baishaoyao (Radix Paeoniae Alba ) and Ganjiang ( Rhizoma Zingiberis) in decoction for oral use.
3. For unhealed chronic ulcer with rupture, it can be used together with Longgu ( Os Praconis), Luganshi (Calamina), Xuejie (Resina Draconis ), and Ruxiang (Olibanum), etc., which are ground into powder for applying on the ulcer.
In addition, it can also be applied externally for skin pyogenic infection and traumatic bleeding because of its action of eliminating dampness and arresting bleeding.

Usage and Dosage:
10 -20 g is used in decoction, pill or powder, and just right amount for external use.
It is contraindicated in those with stagnantion of dampness and heat and should be used with great caution in pregnant women. It is incompatible with Rougui ( Cortex Cinnamomi).
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