Blood-Stasis Activating Herbs

Myrrha (Moyao)
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The source is from the resin from the bark of Commiphora myrrha Engl. or other species in the same genus, family Burseraceae. The medicinal material is mainly produced in Somalia and Ethiopia of Africa and in India, etc.. The resin oozes out of crevices in the tree and changes into redbrown but hard one in the air that is collected. So it is broken and stir-baked until it changes into burned black for being used.

Medicinal Properties: Bitter in flavor, mild in nature, and attributive to the liver, heart and spleen meridians.

Actions: Promote circulation of the blood to alleviate pain, subside swelling and promote tissue regeneration.

myrrha (moyao)


It is used for amenorrhea due to blood stasis, dysmenorrhea, epigastric pain, trauma, carbuncle and periappendicular abscess. Its actions are similar to those of Ruxiang (Olibangm), so far for the above syndromes, they are usually combined with each other so that they can strengthen the action of promoting circulation of the blood and alleviating pain.
In addition, it can also be used for hyperlipemia.

Usage and Dosage:
5 - 10 g is used in decoction for oral use, the usage being same as Ruxiang (Olibahum).

The notes are same as those of Ruxiang (Olibanum). If the both herbs are used together, their dosage must be decreased accordingly.

myrrha (moyao)

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