Heat Clearing Herbs

Flos Lonicerae (Jinyinhua)
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The source is from the flower bud of Lonicera japonica Thunb., L. hypoglauca Miq. and L. confuse DC., family Caprifoliaceae. The medicinal material is collected in summer and dried in shade. The crude, the carbonized one or distillation form can be used.

Medicinal Properties:
Sweet in flavor, cold in nature and attributive to the lung, heart and stomach meridians.
Clear away heat and relieve toxin, disperse wind and heat, eliminate summer-heat by cooling.

flos lonicerae (jinyinhua)

1. It can be used for seasonal febrile diseases or exterior syndrome of exogenous wind-heat type, no matter whether the heat of seasonal febile diseases is in weifen, qifen, or involving yingfen and xuefen. For early stage of seasonal febrile diseases, pathogenic factors being in weifen, or exterior syndrome of exogenous wind-heat type with fever and light aversion to cold.
2. It is used for carbuncle and pyocutaneous disease, and most suitable for yang syndrome of heat-toxin type, whether the carbuncle is ripe or not or the beginning of rupture. It can be used orally or the fresh is pounded for external application.
3. For blood dysentery of heat type or purulent hematochezia.
4. For summer-heat syndrome with Chinese herb Radix Rehmanniae treats diseases and symptoms, such as hypertension, excessive thirst, sore throat, summer carbuncle, and heat rash.


flos lonicerae (jinyinhua)

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