Heat Clearing Herbs

Gypsum Fibrosum (Shigao)
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It is the monoclinic system of gypsum ore, containing hydrous calcium sulfate, its producing areas are in the provinces of Hubei, Gansu and Sichuan and can be mined all year round. The crude one may be pounded or calcined for being used as a medication.

Medicinal Properties  Bitter and sweet in flavor, extremely cold in nature and attributive to the lung and stomach meridians.

Actions  Clear away heat and purge fire, relieve restlessness and thirst, and induce astringent and promote tissue regeneration.

gypsum fibrosum (shigao)

1. It is used for high fever and excessive thirst. With strong actions of clearing away heat and purging fire, and relieving restlessness and thirst, it is the essential medicine to clear away sthenic heat in Qifen of lung and stomach meridians. 
2. For stagnation of heat in the lung manifested as cough, thick sputum, fever and thirst.
3. For up-rising of stomach-fire with headache, swelling and pain of gum.
4. Externally used for inducing astringent and promoting tissue regeneration, pyocutaneous disease, fungal pneumonia, eczema, burned or boiled wounds and bleeding due to trauma.
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