Hemostatic Herbs

Rhizoma Imperatae (Baimaogen)
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The source is from Rhizome of Imperata cylindrica (L.) beauv, vat. major (Nees) C. E. Hubb.,
family Gramineae. The medicinal material is produced in most parts of China. Dug and collected in spring when the seedling is not out of soil and after autumn when the plant is withered, and dried in the sun. The crude form is used.

Medicinal Properties: Sweet in flavor, cold in nature and attributive to the lung, stomach and bladder meridians.

Actions: Cool the blood to stop bleeding, clear away heat and promote diuresis.

rhizoma imperatae (baimaogen)

1. It is used for bleeding due to blood-heat. For haematemesis and epistaxis, it is usually combined with Xianhecao (Herba Agrimoniae ) ; especially for hematuria because of its action of promoting diuresis, usually combined with Cebaiye ( Cacumen Biotae ), Xiaoji ( Herba Cephalanoploris ), and Puhuang (Pollen Typhae), etc..
2. For stranguria of heat type, dysuria, edema, and jaundice of dampness-heat type, it is usually combined with Cheqianzi ( Semen Plantaginis ), Jinqiancao (Herba Lysimachiae ) and others that promote diuresis and eliminate dampness.
In addition, it is usually combined with Lugen (Rhizoma Phragmitis) to treat febrile diseases with excessive thirst, vomiting due to stomach-heat and cough due to lung-heat since it can clear away heat from the lung and stomach.

Usage and Dosage:
15 - 30 g is used in decoction for oral use and 30 g of the fresh is used.

rhizoma imperatae (baimaogen)

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