Qi Regulating Herbs

Radix Linderae (Wuyao)
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The source is from the root tuber of Lindera strychnifolia (Sieb. et Zucc. ) Will., family Lauraceae. The medicinal material is mainly produced in the areas of Zhejiang, Anhui, and Jiangxi, etc., collected all year round, dried in the sun. The crude or the one stir-baked with bran is used for medication.

Medicinal Properties: Pungent in flavor, warm in nature and attributive to the lung, spleen, kidney and bladder meridians.

Promote the circulation of qi to relieve pain, and warm the kidney to disperse cold.

radix linderae (wuyao)

1. It is indicated for stagnation of cold and qi manifested as oppression and pain in the chest, fullness and pain in the epigastrium, hernia of cold type and dysmenorrhea. For oppression in the chest and hypochondriac pain, it is combined with Xiebai ( Bulbus Allii Macrostemi ), Gualoupi ( Pericarpium Trichosanthis ), Yujin ( Radix Curcumae ), and Yanhusuo ( Rhizoma Corydalis ) , etc. ; for distension and pain in the epigastrium, combined with Muxiang ( Radix Aucklandiae ), Wuzhuyu ( Fructus Evodiae), and Zhike (Fructus Aurantii), etc. ; for hernia of cold type and low abdominal pain involving testis, combined with Xiaohuixiang ( Fructus Foeniculi ), Muxiang (Radix Aucklandiae ), Gaoliangjiang ( Rhizoma Alpiniae Officinarum ) and others that disperse cold, circulate qi and relieve pain, such as Tiantai Wuyao San (Powder) ; for abdominal pain during menstruation, it can also be used together with Xiangfu (Rhizoma Cyperi), Danggui (Radix Angelicae Sinensis ), and Muxiang (Radix Aucklandiae), etc. to regulate flow of qi and blood, such as Wuyao Tang (Decoction).
2. For insufficiency of kidney-yang, frequent urination and enuresis due to deficiency and coldness of the bladder, it is usually used in combination with Yizhiren (Fructus Alpiniae Oxyphyllae) and Shanyao (Rhizoma Dioscoreae), such as Suoquan Wan (Pill).

Usage and Dosage:
3 - 10 g is used in decoction for oral use.

radix linderae (wuyao)

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