Qi Regulating Herbs
Qi Regulating Chinese Medicinal Herbs
Any medicinal herb that acts to regulate qi-activity, disperse qi stagnation and facilitate qi flow or that takes treatment of syndrome due to abnormal rising of qi as its essential action falls under this category.

Most of these medicinal herbs are fragrant and warm in nature, pungent and bitter in flavor. They all have, to different degrees, the ability to regulate qi, strengthen the spleen, promote qi circulation, stop pain, facilitate qi flow, reverse rebellious qi activities, soothe the liver, disperse the depressed qi or crack qi stagnation and disperse mass, etc.. They are indicated for obstruction of pulmonary qi, failure of dispersion of the liver and the imbalance of function between the spleen and stomach. Qi stagnant syndrome is mainly manifested as oppression, fullness and pain; syndrome of abnormal rising of qi is usually manifested as nausea, hiccup or dyspnea.

So using these kinds of medicinal herbs, one must use other herbs flexibly and choose adaptive combination of herbs according to conditions, such as combination of the herbs for clearing away heat and resolving phlegm, clearing away heat to promote diuresis, warming the middle energizer to dry dampness, promoting digestion and relieving dyspepsia, benefiting qi and invigorating the spleen.

Most of them are pungent, warm and fragrant, and may easily damage qi and yin, so one must use them with caution in cases of qi and yin deficiency.
  • Rhizoma Cyperi (Xiangfu)
  • Radix Linderae (Wuyao)
  • Calyx Kaki (Shidi)
  • Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae Viride (Qingpi)
  • Radix Aucklandiae (Muxiang)
  • Pericarpium Citri Tangerinae (Jupi)
  • Flos Caryophylli (Dingxiang)
  • Fructus Meliae Toosendan (Chuanlianzi)
  • Lignum Aquilariae Resinatum (Chenxiang)
  • Semen Arecae (Binglang)
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