Resuscitative Herbs
Chinese Resuscitative Medicines
The medicines with the main action of regaining conciousness which are used for sthenia-syndome of coma are known as Chinese resuscitative medicines. Since this sort of medicines have a strong aromatic and running nature, they are also called aromatic resuscitative medicines.

They are pungent in nature with aroma, and enter the heart meridian. They function as medicine for opening orifices and regaining conciousness. They are mainly used for such internal obstruction sthenia-syndromes as pathogenic heat attacking the pericardium due to warm febrile disease, or for sudden coma and delirium caused by stagnation of phlegm-turbidity, or sudden syncope in process of convulsion, wind stroke, etc.

Unconciousness, which is seen both in sthenia-syndrome of coma and in collapse syndrome, should be clearly differentiated of its nature. Sthenia-syndrome of coma caused by pathogenic factors obstructing inside is manifested as clenched teeth, tight fist, loud voice, hoarse breath and forceful pulse, whereas collapse syndrome due to exhausted healthy qi manifests opening mouth, loose fist, low and weak breath, sweating and cold extremities, or feeble and faint pulse. They can only be suitable for sthenia-syndrome of coma and not for the collapse type of unconsciousness which should be treated through supplementing deficiency. Meanwhile, sthenia-syndrome of coma includes heat and cold type. The syndrome of cold type shows bluish complexion and cold body, white tongue coating and slow pulse, etc. while syndrome of heat type is usually manifested as reddish complexion and general fever, yellowish tongue coating and rapid pulse, etc. In treatment, medicines with warm nature and action of regaining resuscitation should be used in cold type, what's more, combined with herbs for warming the interior and dispersing cold; for heat type, medicines with cold nature and action of regaining resuscitation should be used and be combined with herbs for clearing away heat and eliminating toxic materials.

Chinese medicines for regaining resuscitation are used in emergent cases for the purpose of alleviating symptoms, and are prohibited from taking for long term to avoid damage to primordial qi. In addition, for their aromatic nature, most of them should be avoided in decoction, but used in pill or powder.
  • Rhizoma Acori Graminei (Shichangpu)
  • Moschus (Shexiang)
  • Borneolum Syntheticum (Bingpian)
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