Learn four herbal home remedies for arthritis
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1. Cherries
Cherries are said to be effective because they seem to help prevent crystallization of uric acid and to reduce levels of uric acid in the blood. It is also said that cherries help the arthritic bumps on knuckles disappear. Eat any kind-sweet or sour, fresh, canned or frozen, black, Royal Anne or Bing. And drink cherry juice! It is available without preservatives or sugar added, and also in a concentrated form, at health food stores.

One source says to eat cherries and drink the juice throughout the day for four days, then stop for four days and then start all over again. Another source says to eat up to a dozen cherries a day in addition to drinking a glass of cherry juice. Find a happy medium by using your own good judgment. Listen to your body. You'll know soon enough if the cherries seem to be making you feel better.

-- Take a quart of Gin and soak some golden Rasins. Let soak for up to a week. Take 6 rasins at bed time.
-- Alfalfa in tea or supplement form and parsley provide many vitamins and minerals helpful with arthritis.
-- One raw clove of garlic every day is very beneficial. This clove can be fried in ghee (clarified butter) or castor oil.

2. Go Green
-- Eat a portion of fresh string beans every day, or juice the string beans and drink a glassful daily. String beans contain vitamins A, B1, B2 and C and supposedly help relieve the excess-acid conditions that contribute to arthritis.

-- Steep 1 cup of fully packed, washed parsley in 1 quart of boiling water. After 15 minutes, strain the juice and refrigerate.
Dose: Drink 1/2 cup of parsley juice before breakfast, 1/2 cup before dinner and 1/2 cup anytime pain is particularly severe.

-- Celery contains many nourishing salts and organic sulfur. Some modern herbalists believe that celery has the power to help neutralize uric acid and other excess acids in the body. Eat fresh celery daily (be sure to wash it thoroughly). The leaves on top of celery stalks are also good to eat.

If so much roughage is rough on your digestive system, place the tops and tough parts of the stalk in a non-aluminum pan. Cover with water and slowly bring to a boil. Then simmer for 10 to 15 minutes. Strain and pour into a jar. Dose: Take 8 ounces three times a day, a half-hour before each meal.

3. Fishy Solution
Cod-liver oil in milk helped to reduce cholesterol levels, improve blood chemistry and complexion, increase energy and correct stomach problems, blood sugar balance, blood pressure and tissue inflammation. Mix 1 tablespoon of cod-liver oil (emulsified Norwegian cod-liver oil is nonfishy) in 6 ounces of milk. Dose: Drink it on an empty stomach, a half-hour before breakfast and a half-hour before dinner.

4. Herbal Relief
Each of these herbs is known as a pain reducer-sage, rosemary, nettles and basil. Use anyone, two, three or four of them in the form of tea . Have a couple of cups each day, rotating them until you find the one that makes you feel best.

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