Using hot red pepper for handling animal bites
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An animal bite-even from your own pet dog, cat, hamster, guinea pig, ferret or parakeet-could be dangerous. If the bite breaks the skin, bacteria in the animals saliva can cause infection.

First, wash the bitten area thoroughly with soap and water. Then apply pressure to stop the bleeding. Cover the wound loosely with a sterile bandage.

WARNING: If an animal bite breaks the skin, doesn't stop bleeding, or if it puffs up or is red and painful, get medical attention immediately. You may need a tetanus shot.

If you are going on safari, or will be away from professional health care for days at a time, take fresh, hot red peppers, an enamel pan, sesame oil and clean white handkerchiefs.

If you get bit by an animal, this remedy has been known to counteract rabies. Use it only if professional medical help is not available.

Saute a few pieces of a hot red pepper with some sesame oil in the pan. When the pepper is wilted, put it on a handkerchief and apply it directly to the bite. When the oily, wilted piece of pepper dries up, replace it with another piece of oily, wilted pepper.

Keep repeating this procedure for three days, at which time the toxins should be out of your system.

Take Vitamin C it helps fight infection.

Goldenseal applied directly on the bite is helpful as a natural antibiotic.

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