Chinese Herbal Tea

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Herbal Extract & Essential Oil for Health
  • Rhodiola Herbal Extract for decreased mental abilities
  • Hawthorn Leaf Extract for Insomnia, Anemia, LDL
  • Impatiens Flower Essence treats irritability, nervous tension
  • Calamus Tea prevents stomach crams and spasms
  • Geranium Essential Oil to treat arthritis, intestinal infections
  • Turkey Rhubarb Tea externally to treat boils, acne, furuncles
  • Damiana Leaf Extract relieves mood swings, depression
  • Bay Essential Oil improves hormonal imbalances, painful periods
  • Vine Flower Essence helps to relieve stress
  • Gorse Flower Essence makes souls live in peace and balance
  • Passion Flower Tea relieves hyperactivity, increased sensitivity
  • Tarragon Essential Oil for stomach cramps, heartburn
  • Wild Oat Flower Essence makes life pleasant and joyful
  • Alfalfa Tea lowers bad LDL cholesterol, Diabetes
  • Oregano Essential Oil eases increased acidity, indigestion
  • Lobelia Tea relieves anxiety, nervous tension, panic attacks
  • Cardamom Essential Oil for libido, Sexual Dysfunction, Impotence
  • Salvia Root Extract heals skin dryness and infections
  • Slippery Elm Extract is most used remedy for enteritis, colitis
  • Cedarwood Essential Oil cures skin itching, oily skin
  • Oakmoss Essential Oil used for bronchitis, laryngitis
  • Agrimony Flower Essence to achieve inner peace and balance
  • Essiac Tea can reducing the risks of heat disease
  • Stevia Extract decreases blood sugar, muscle pains, numbness
  • Capsicum Extract used for numbness, cramps, hair loss
  • Psyllium Herbal Tea for heart disease, heart attack, stroke
  • Angelica Essential Oil treats gastritis, enteritis, dyspepsia
  • Scleranthus Flower Essence relieves stresses, nervous tension
  • Clary Sage Essential Oil reduces spasms and convulsions
  • Vervain Tea used to tone liver function and cleanse urinary tract
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