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Herbal Formula for Stress, Fatigue and Mental Restlessness

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This herbal formula is used to calm the spirit, nourish blood and tranquilize the mind. It is comprised of only all-natural herbal ingredients which act in concert to calm the body. Many doctors believe that stress, fatigue and mental restlessness can exacerbate and trigger a range of maladies. Relaxing the body and "getting a good night's sleep" is restorative to the body and can be necessary to boost overall immunity. By calming the shen, the product can help your mind relax and allow your body to get the rest it deserves.

Herbal Functions:
Calms the Shen, Nourishes Blood, Clears Heart Heat, Transforms Phlegm, Relieves Food Stagnation

Ziziphus jujuba seed,
Radix Polygalae (Yuanzhi)
Poria (Fuling)
Fructus Gardeniae (Zhizi)
Massa fermenta,
Glycyrrhiza uralensis root,
Microcrystalline cellulose,
Silicon dioxide,
Magnesium stearate,
Botanical wax. -

Contraindicated during the early stages of acute infection or illness, such as cold or flu. Use with caution during pregnancy. Contains tree nuts & wheat.

Standard Usage:
3-4 tabs, 3 x day.

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