Herbal Tea Treatment for IBS, Nausea, Hiccups, Anise Tea

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Natural herbal medicine has been employed for as long as there has been written history. The ancient Chinese wrote about its many benefits, and the chances are good that it was used even before then. Today, modern medicine has replaced a number of the ways herbal remedies were once used. But some still remain, and even scientific studies continue to uncover very real benefits from different teas and herbal remedies. One of the oldest and most effective herbal remedies still used today is anise seed tea, a tea made from the licorice-scented plant that commonly flavors a variety of other things.

Anise seeds are gathered from a Mediterranean herb and are distinctive in their pleasing aroma and favorable taste. Often times they are used for culinary purposes, much in the way spices are used. Nevertheless, there is a long history of anise seeds being used in remedial teas as well. These teas can be used for various aches and illnesses such as coughing and congestion, pained stomach and cramps, as well as a relaxant for the tired and stressed. Furthermore, anise seeds possess natural antibacterial properties which make it useful in assisting oral hygiene as well.

Upset Stomach Relief
Anise seed tea works best as a use for painful stomach aches and cramps that may arise. Drinking a cup of it can be a quick aid for sudden indigestion, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Peptic Ulcer, nausea, feelings of gas and bloating, or even just a small bout of hiccups!

Reduces Congestion
Another common use of anise tea is its ability to reduce coughing and congestion that may arise from the common cold and flu. The oils released from anise seeds function to loosen and rid of thick mucus that builds up in the throat. These oils also form a gentle coat over the throat, easing the scratchy feeling that causes the nasty coughing that usually is accompanied with colds.

Soothing Effects
Drinking this particular tea has many calming effects that help relax the muscles and soothe the body. Therefore, it is no wonder why drinking this delicious tea can be very relaxing since it can easily de-stress the body and mind.

Anise seed tea is safe to drink anytime you feel any rising ailments, or whenever you simply just want to enjoy the taste and relaxation of drinking a cup. To prepare it, simply steep a bag for 10 to 15 minutes in a cup of hot water. Drink anise seed tea before or after your meals, as needed throughout the day.

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