Herbal Tea for Asthma, Acne, Cancers, Sciatica, Burdock Root

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Burdock tea can be prepared by using burdock root or burdock leaves. Tea prepared using burdock leaves helps in treating indigestion, strengthening and toning the stomach, building the systems of young women, as well as treating genitourinary conditions, bladder pain, fluid retention and gout. It also helps in stimulating the eliminatory organs and treating glandular conditions, swollen glands, certain inflammatory conditions, inflammations, rheumatic conditions, liver conditions, hepatitis, jaundice, and liver problems.

In addition, burdock tea helps in stimulating the secretion of bile. Tea prepared using burdock leaves helps in clearing persistent teenage acne if taken for three to four weeks.

Burdock root tea prepared in combination with dandelion root and burdock leaves is found to be an extremely effective liver cleanser and stimulator. It helps treat respiratory tract conditions and other ailments like Asthma, certain cancers, Eczema, and fevers. It also helps neutralize and eliminate poisons from the system and helps in the treatment of Sciatica, scurvy, and other skin diseases.

Tea prepared from burdock leaves works well alone or combined with yellow dock and sarsaparilla for treating various skin conditions.

Preparing Burdock Tea
Mix one teaspoonful of burdock root into a cup of water, bring to boil and simmer for 10-15 minutes. Drink 1 cup, three times a day.

Externally, burdock preparations are used as a wash for abscesses, Acne, all manner of swellings, Psoriasis, Furuncle, Boils on Hand and Foot, catarrh and hair growth. When burdock is prepared in combination with blind nettle, it helps with treating scaly skin conditions, Syphilis, and ulcers.

Externally, burdock leaves are applied as a poultice for gouty swellings, for old sores and ulcers, for shrinking arteries and sinews, for tumors, to relieve bruises, as well as to relieve inflamed surfaces in general.

Burdock fruit (seeds) are used in treating chronic skin conditions, Kidney Stone caused by a derangement of the nervous system and in restoring smoothness to the skin.

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