Herbal Tea for Inflammation, Constipation, Cough, Dong Quai Tea

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Dong quai, or Angelica sinensis, is an important herbal tea, tincture and powder in Asian medicine. It is often considered a woman’s herb because of its popularity in treating gynecological problems, but dong quai is also effective in treating digestive and respiratory disorders. The active ingredients in dong quai are in the root, which contains volatile oils and coumarin chemicals. Do not use dong quai if you are taking blood thinners, since it may enhance the effects of your medication.  Some of the benefits you can get from ingesting Dong Quai are:

Reproductive Problems
Dong quai is a popular herb for treating menstrual disorders like cramping, irregular cycles and premenstrual syndrome. Traditional Chinese medicine uses dong quai to nourish and tone the blood. According to the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, dong quai, or danggui, has no estrogenic effects. Its notoriety in treating reproductive system problems is likely due to non-estrogen active ingredients, like ferulic acid, which relieves Painful Mmenstruation, reduces spasms, and has a sedative effect on the uterus.

Immune stimulant
Traditional Chinese medicine uses dong quai root as an immune stimulant. A study reported in the 2006 issue of "Planta Medica" tested a formula containing dong quai and astragalus roots that was described in 13th century Chinese medical texts. The researchers found that this concoction increased the activity of T-lymphocytes and macrophages, key cells involved in the body’s immune response. 

Dong quai has potent anti-inflammatory activity and is a useful herb for treating inflammation that may accompany upper respiratory illnesses. This late-onset inflammation of the entire body, known as sepsis, can be a lethal condition. Dong quai was able to inhibit the signaling molecules that increase inflammation that leads to sepsis after an upper respiratory infection. 

Dong quai is a useful herb for Constipation, because, according to Traditional Medicine, it moistens the intestines. Dong quai contains constituents, such as scopoletin and ferulic acid, that act on the digestive system, particularly the liver and gall bladder, to increase bile flow and promote peristalsis, the contraction of the smooth muscles of the digestive system.

Dong quai acts on the upper respiratory tract by helping the body remove excess mucus and controlling cough spasms. The volatile oil made from the root contains alpha-pinene and carvacrol, both potent expectorants and antispasmodics. Scopoletin is also a bronchial muscle relaxant.

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