Herbal Tea for Rhinitis, Sinus, Flatulence, Bergamot Tea

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Bergamot Tea Flavor
The leaves of the bergamot herb have been used to brew tea for the past 1000 years and are still be used to brew tea. This tea is called bergamot tea due to its scent similarity to bergamot orange. Moreover, the flavor of bergamot tea is similar to that of Earl Grey tea, thus, when fresh or dried bergamot leaves are infused as tea, they impart the flavor of Earl Grey tea to iced drinks and China tea. When infused with loose leaf teas, this tea tastes wonderful.

Bergamot Tea Benefits
The bergamot herb is a safe herb used as an alternative to allopathic medicine with regards to ailments like nausea, Headache, Chronic Rhinitis, cough, influenza, etc. The tea leaves are put in a pot of boiling water and then the steam released is inhaled to cure colds and clear Chronic Sinusitis. The tea also helps treating digestive problems like flatulence and stomach upsets. Bergamot tea is also great for combating fevers and chills and also increasing urine output. Since this herbal tea contains the aromatic antiseptic thymol, it is commonly used by dentists and modern medical practitioners. Moreover, this tea has been used to preserve meats and even in perfumes, shower gels, etc.

Bergamot Tea Recipes
Preparing bergamot tea is quite simple. Just take a cup of boiling water and pour it onto a few teaspoons of bergamot herb. The tea can be prepared from the fresh form, dried form or even the seeds or bark of the herb. Depending on the form used, the recipe will vary slightly. If you are using the fresh plant material, one needs to add cup of the fresh material and allow it to stand for 5 minutes before straining and drinking it.

For all the forms the procedure is the same, with the only difference lying in the quantity of herb form added. If you are using the dried form or seeds, add only 2 teaspoons of the herb. If you are using the bark, just add one teaspoon of bark. To enhance the flavor of this tea add honey or fresh lemon juice into the tea. Moreover, if you wish to add bergamot tea along with loose tea leaves, add a teaspoon of bergamot dried herb to one teaspoon of bergamot for one cup of tea. The longer you brew, the stronger the tea, so according to your preference cut back on the time.

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