Orange Flower Essence for emotional disorders

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Orange Flower Essence is a dilute extract of orange tree blossoms (Citrus sinensis) known for their amazing aroma and important role in aromatherapy as a natural calming agent. Orange tree originates from China and the Far East, and for many centuries its fruit have been used as excellent natural food packed with vitamins, as well as for various culinary and medicinal purposes. Orange flower essence is widely used in aromatherapy and has a great significance in cultures of many nations of the world: in particular, orange tree blossoms symbolize good fortune, purity and virginity, etc.

Orange Flower Essence
White aromatic flowers are used in perfumery and for producing various types of natural products. Orange tree blossoms are used to produce flower essence and orange blossom water, which is used for its amazing fragrance food preparation. For example, it is frequently added to a popular oriental dessert called "baklava". Also, orange blossom honey or nectar is produced, which are used in producing sweets and candies. Finally, orange blossoms are used as the ingredients of various herbal blends and teas.

Therapeutic effects of orange flower essence are associated with calming and energy boosting properties of orange tree blossoms. Using this flower essence in terms of aromatherapy can help to get rid of depression and melancholy, apathy and despair, hopelessness, suicidal thoughts, crankiness and other related emotional problems, both in adults and children. It is an effective natural remedy which can assist in overcoming various human sorrows and emotional disorders, boost energy and make a person feel light, enthusiastic and optimistic in a long term perspective. see how Chinese medicine treats Depressive Syndrome.

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