Black Cohosh Extract reduces rissk of osteoporosis in men

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Black Cohosh extract is one of the most commonly used product  made from herbal material of black cohosh. This is a small plant that originates from Central America and plays a role in traditional herbal medicine of many nations of South Europe and Latin America. Black cohosh is known for its clusters of beautiful small white flowers which start blossoming in summer. Black cohosh and black cohosh extract benefits have been known for over 200 years, and mainly, this medicinal herb and its products are used for preventing and treating all sorts of menopausal symptoms in women, including hot flushes, sleep disorders, excessive irritability, anxiety, mood swings, headaches, all symptoms of stresses, depression, and so on. For herbal preparations, usually black cohosh roots are used, and it is possible to find black cohosh extract with various concentrations of acting compounds.

For the last two decades, black cohosh extracts and other products were very actively promoted and used as a safe natural support for menopause symptoms. According to the Women’s Health Initiative study, conventional hormone replacement therapy which has been used for this kind of treatment for many years has quite serious side effects, including increased risks of breast cancer, heart attack, a stroke and other serious health conditions.

Black Cohosh Extract Benefits
Health benefits of black cohosh extract are numerous, and they embrace very powerful analgesic, anti-inflammatory and sedative natural actions. Osteoporosis prevention is one of the most valued properties of this natural remedy. Bone degeneration processes are very common for aging men and women, and strengthening the bones is one of the main concerns of many modern aging people. According to the findings of a study, using black cohosh extract benefits can assist in strengthening bones and substantially lowering the risks of osteoporosis, especially in men. Anti-inflammatory health benefits of black cohosh are recommended to aging people who are suffering from Rheumatic Arthritis, neuralgia, Frozen Shoulder, osteoarthritis, etc. These properties of black cohosh are derived from a high content of acetylsalicylic acid and isoferulic acid, the substances found in many anti-inflammatory herbal remedies.

Black cohosh extract benefits can be used by those who suffer from various symptoms of respiratory ailments like sore throat, coughs, fever, the symptoms of bronchitis. Traditionally, in North America black cohosh remedies were used for prevention and treatment of minor kidney disorders, back pains and lumbago, nervous disorders and hysteria, vaginal and fungal infections. Health benefits of black cohosh are backed up with plenty of scientific studies and researches, and this herbal remedy is widely used in alternative medicines of modern world very commonly.

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