Japanese Knotweed Extract relieves Gout, rheumatism, arthritis

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Japanese knotweed and its extracts are primarily known as one of very important natural sources of reservatrol, as well as piceid, which also can be received from grapes and byproducts of this natural remedy. Polygonum cuspidatum is used for producing reservatrol supplements and is used at the labels as the natural source of it. Polygonum cuspidatumThe advantage of using Japanese knotweed is higher concentrations of the substance, and also year round availability of this plant, compared to grape products. Besides, studies have shown that this natural remedy is rich in emodin which is known as a natural substance to be added to various natural remedies to stimulate digestive function, improve and regulate bowel movements.

Besides, health benefits of Japanese knotweed include excellent laxative properties which has been known and used for many centuries in Traditional Chinese and Japanese medicines. Moreover, Chinese experts are convinced that there are no natural analogs which would have the same laxative effects as Polygonum cuspidatum. Also, Japanese knotweed extract can be recommended to those who suffer from Diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes. It helps to reduce the symptoms and improve insulin resistance. As a very rich natural source of various nutrients, including essential minerals and vitamins, this extract can be recommended as a dietary support, especially in winter and spring, when our nutrition is poorer. Finally, Japanese knotweed extracts made with organic alcohol have very strong anti-fungus properties and can be used to reduce the symptoms of skin or nail fungus.

When thinking about using Polygonum cuspidatum, it is necessary to keep in mind possible side effects. Mainly, unwanted effects can be attributed to high concentrations of oxalic acid, a substance which is considered toxic. Due to this toxic component, using Japanese knotweed in very high doses can cause common side effects as nausea, increased stomach acidity, skin irritation and rashes. In the worst case scenario, very high doses of oxalic acid can trigger such serious health conditions as arthritis, Gout, rheumatism, skin inflammations, and others.

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