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Valerian Tea used to treat anxiety, nervousness, stresses

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Valerian tea is one of the herbal remedies which are very commonly recommended as a calming, relaxing and sleep-promoting natural solution. Using valerian for anxiety, stresses, nervous disorders and other related health conditions has been a common practice in many traditional medicines around the globe, starting from Traditional Chinese medicine and ending up with traditional healing approaches of indigenous populations of South America. Rich in nutrients and essential oils, valerian tea is a herbal tea made the root of the valerian plant, a perennial flower plant which is cultivated and grows naturally in home gardens and fields. 

In herbal medicine, valerian roots are usually used for healing since the roots of valerian plant are the richest in nutrients and natural constituents with therapeutic properties. There are special technologies and approaches to drying valerian roots, involving exposure to moderately high temperatures. The roots can be used to produce valerian extract, powder, pills, as well as valerian tea. This natural remedy has interesting taste: a little bitter-sweet and spicy.

Using valerian for anxiety, nervousness and other symptoms of stresses is considered quite safe, and drinking 1-2 cups of this tea is usually not linked to any sort of unwanted side effects. Valerain tea can cause drowsiness, feelings in increased relaxation and certain difficulties to focus which can be linked to a certain danger for the people with some types of occupation. That is why it is highly recommended to talk to your health care specialist or a qualified health care professional before using this natural remedy.

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