Chinese Medicine Gotu Kola for tuberculosis, UTIs, syphilis

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Gotu Kola is a very important herb that is used in traditional Chinese Medicine and is often used for quite a few medicinal purposes. If you aren’t familiar with this herb and are thinking "what is Gotu Kola", then you will want to read on to get a better understanding of this herb.

As part of a treatment plan, the portion of the plant that grows above ground is harvested for use. Patients will then consume anywhere from 60 – 180 mg orally as needed for the medical condition they are treating. The actual dosage will vary based on the ailment type and its severity.

The most common use for Gotu Kola is to improve blood circulation in the legs. Studies have shown that the herb has an impact on the circulation that takes place in the legs and feet of people affected with circulation problems. Research is also being conducted on the impact this will have on individuals who have diabetes and the impact it will have on their fluid retention while boosting circulation.

Some studies have also suggested that this herb may prove to be effective against artery clogging and the buildup of plaque. This may help to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in patients.

Sometimes a person will consume Gotu Kola when they have an infection. The reason is that a number of those who practice Chinese medicine suggest that the herb offers antiviral, antibiotic and even antiparasitic properties. This makes it effective for things like tuberculosis, UTIs, Syphilis, shingles and even leprosy. However, it is important that the patient be monitored when using the medicinal herb for these conditions.

Additional ailments that can be treated by the use of Gotu Kola include:
High Blood Pressure

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