Using Passion Flower Tea for Insomnia

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Passion flowers have been used for centuries to make a remedial tea that is excellent for aiding problems related to jittery nerves and anxiety. Another popular use for passion flower tea is that it’s relaxing and calming properties can also help those that suffer from insomnia. Passion flower tea is an all natural remedy that comes without the side effects of alternative medications, making it a number one choice among herbalists.

Insomnia is the problem you are faced with when you cannot get enough sleep to feel thoroughly rested. Insomnia usually occurs as a symptom of other illnesses. There are many causes for insomnia however some of the most common reasons are anxiety, stress, depression, or the effects of certain medications. Other things that can lead to insomnia are poor eating habits, eating too late at night, or having an irregular sleep schedule. It is more typical for people that are older in age to experience insomnia. This is because as you age it is more common to change patterns in sleep and activity which can also lead to insomnia. Getting older often leads to more changes in health and increased use of medications as well and this can very well be yet another cause of Insomnia.

Regardless of the cause, passion flower tea’s sedative qualities can have a relaxing, soothing effect on the body. It can ease away some of the causes of insomnia like depression and anxiety and allow you to get back to enjoying a better night’s rest. Usually, it is not readily advised to rely on over the counter medications in order to resolve feelings of insomnia. If taken on a regular basis, the body can become dependent on these medications in order to achieve a decent rest. Using natural remedies like passion flower tea can be a much better alternative since it comes without this risk. Passion flower tea can be prepared and taken two to three times a day. When using passion flower tea to treat insomnia, it is best to prepare a cup approximately 30 minutes before resting at night. This will allow the herb time to take proper effect on the body and will offer best results. This herbal remedy is safe though it is not recommended for women that are pregnant since it may cause uterine contractions. Contact a physician prior to drinking passion flower tea if you are pregnant or nursing.

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