Chao Zhou Tea, Famous Chinese Oolong Tea

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Chao Zhou tea is a rare Oolong tea, which is named after a small town in the south of China, located in Guangdong province. Feng Huang Mountains in Guangdong is like the Champagne of tea. On the slopes of these mountains are wild tea plants, reaching the size of trees. Some of them grow at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level, whilst the oldest trees are 900 years old. These wild tea bushes produce the tea leaves for making Chao Zhou tea.

Tea Production
These leaves are very highly regarded, as bushes grow in fairly inaccessible places. Chao Zhou tea is slightly fermented and slightly browned. This tea is known for its strong energising properties. It gives an incredible energy boost, even when one is feeling weak. Several cups of this tea can miraculously charge the body. Such a state can be described as "tea intoxication." Furthermore, in China, this tea is very much appreciated for its medicinal properties.

Chao Zhou tea is often described as "tender and having tripled freshness": meaning being tenderly plucked when harvested, and when infused, having a fresh color, fresh aroma and fresh taste.

chao zhou tea, famous chinese oolong tea

Taste: Tart, slightly bitter at first, but with an amazing sweet aftertaste.

Infusion: From dark golden to a deep amber color.

Medicinal properties
Brightly tones the body, and enhances one’s mood and performance. Chao Zhou tea is very useful for the gastrointestinal tract, circulatory and vascular systems. It also excellently removes toxins from the body. In China, Chao Zhou tea is sold in pharmacies as a prophylactic

How to brew it?
1. Suitable for brewing in a Gaiwan or flask.

2. Pour boiling water over the teaware to warm it up.

3. Put 8-10 grams of tea leaves per 100-120 ml water.

4. Infuse the leaves with boiling water 100 degrees and wait for 15-20 seconds.

5. The first brew is designed to wash the tea leaves and should be poured out.

6. The second steep can be made after a few seconds to around 20 seconds, depending on one's taste. (The shorter the brewing time, the more steeps the tea can endure). The leaves can be brewed up to 7-8 times.

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