Frosty Peak, Famous Chinese Oolong Tea

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Frosty Peak is Taiwan's most popular Oolong tea. It has been cultivated for over two hundred years on the slopes of the mountain from which it takes its name. Covered in snow all year round, the plantations are located high on the Frosty Peak so that even on a warm and sunny day, the air is filled with an icy coolness.

Frosty Peak is a consistent winner of the regular Oolong tea competions that have been held in Taiwan since 1972, initiated to encourage farmers to continue improving the quality of their production methods (as a result, Taiwan is now the technically most advanced producer of Oolong tea in the world).

Naming this tea after the mountain on which it is grown is a recognition of the effort made by the producers and pickers of this tea, having to scale this hazardous mountain throughout the year, traversing the slippery mountain trails laden with baskets of tea.

Aroma: deep and uplifting, with a slight tartness

Infusion: from golden green to amber

Taste: rich with honey, notes of walnut in the finish

frosty peak, famous chinese oolong tea

Healing properties
Frosty Peak improves the mood, normalizes the body's metabolism, improves skin and cleanses the blood. Frosty Peak is also highly recommended for weight loss.

How to brew it?
1. Suitable for brewing in a Gaiwan or flask.
2. Firstly warm the teaware by rinsing it with hot water.
3. Put 5-7 grams of tea leaves per 100-120 ml water.
4. Pour the tea leaves over with boiling water 100 degrees and wait for 15-20 seconds.
5. The brew from the first steep should be poured out as it is designed to rinse the leaves and reduce astringency.
6. The second steep can be made after a few seconds to around 20 seconds, depending on one's taste. (The shorter the brewing time, the more steeps the tea can endure). This tea can be brewed up to 7-10 times.

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