Lao Tie Guan Yin Aged Tie Guan Yin, Chinese Oolong Tea

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Lao Tie Guan Yin is a very rare, expensive and high-quality tea. Lao translated from Chinese means old or aged. The finished product is achieved by keeping the tea in certain temperatures, and humidity levels. The evidence of Lao Tie Guan Yin’s aging process can be seen by the change in the color of the tea leaves, its taste, and the color of the infusion.

Aroma: lingering and rich.
Taste: tart, seasoned, deep.
Infusion: from amber to red.
Medicinal Properties
Lao Tie Guan Yin keeps the body active and improves concentration. It normalizes blood pressure, promotes the natural regulation of metabolism, and works as a great detoxifier. It is also effective in the prevention of tumors.

lao tie guan yin aged tie guan yin, chinese oolong tea

How to brew it?
1. Suitable for brewing in a Gaiwan or flask.
2. Pour boiling water over all tea-ware to warm it up.
3. Put 8-10 grams of tea leaves per 100-120 ml water.
4. Infuse the leaves with boiling water (100 degrees). The first steep can be made after 15-20 seconds.
5. The first brew is designed to wash the tea leaves and should be thrown out.
6. The second steep can be made after a few seconds to around 20 seconds, depending on one's taste. (The shorter the brewing time, the more steeps the tea can endure). The leaves can be brewed up to 6-8 times .

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