Phoenix Oolong Tea, Famous Chinese Oolong Tea

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Phoenix oolong, also known as Fenghuang Dancong, has been a long reputed tea in China. It is one of most famous Guangdong oolongs which comes from the Phoenix Mountain of Chao-an County at Chao-zhou City, Guangdong Province, China. It got the name of phoenix due to its birth place.

Phoenix Mountain
phoenix oolongIn China, Phoenix oolong is known as Fenghuang Dancong. The name can be translated as Phoenix Single Bush tea. Phoenix refers to the Phoenix Mountain, the birthplace of this oolong tea, where tea trees grow in the altitude of 1,000 meters. Growing in high altitude gives Phoenix oolong a unique "high mountain" flavor. This is the reason why she is famed for her sweet, honeyed taste and exquisite, floral fragrance. Phoenix oolong also has another special quality: her very sophisticated and pure fragrance. The secret lies in her name: Single Bush.

phoenix oolong tea, famous chinese oolong tea

Pure Fragrances
fenghuang dancong teaThe Cantonese not only perfected the art of tea ceremony, they are also consummate tea cultivators. For more than 100 years, they have meticulously observed and selected the best tea trees for cultivation. Passing from fathers to sons, the result is the Phoenix oolong tea, which now boosts 80 varieties.

Because the Cantonese have insisted on cultivating tea trees using one tea tree at a time, the tea is called Single Bush. This extraordinary technique results in each tea tree having very pure genealogy, with its own fragrance, style and taste. She has the purest and most sophisticated fragrances. There are as many as 10 broad types. In the next tab, we will introduce to you my favorite: the Huangzhi Xiang (Yellow Sprig).

The leaves of the tea are thick and straight with brown in color. It has a strong fruity flavor like dried mango with flowery note. The brewed tea has very bright, lustrous and clear liquor with yellowish orange in color. The tea can be infused 6-7 times.

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