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Abrus cantoniensis (Jigucao)

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Guangxi, Guangdong, Fujian, Guizhou, Yunnan provinces of China, also in Indochina peninsula.
Sweet, slightly bitter, cool.
Channels (meridians) entered:
Liver, stomach.

Medical functions:
enhances autoimmume system
anti-oxidation, anti-aging
anti-cancer, prevent cancer
arrests pain
protects liver
lowers blood sugar and helps to lessen Diabetes complications
Actions & Indications:
Viral Hepatitis
breast cancer
tuberculosis of lymph glands
bruises and pain from injuries
For decoction: 15 to 25 g. Also can be  in pill or powder form.
External use: smash and apply to affected areas.

Samples of formulae:
For acute hepatitis B

ji gu cao soup:
Ingredients: Abrus cantoniensis (Jigucao) 38 g, bai hua she she cao 15 g, chi xiao dou 38 g, lean pork 110 g, sheng jiang (raw ginger) 3 slices, hong zao 5 pieces, (cut open). Rinse all ingredients. Add water and make into soup.

Toxicity & Cautions:
Use care if the body is weak. The seeds are toxic and should be removed.

abrus cantoniensis (jigucao)

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