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Acalypha australis (Tiexiancai)

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Distributed in the south of the Yangtze River, middle and lower end of Yellow River, coastal and southwest and south China provinces other regions in China; additionally, in North Korea, Vietnam, Japan, the Philippines, New York state of the United States, .

Bitter, tart, cool.

Channels (meridians) entered:
Heart, lung, large intestine, small intestine.
Medical function:
In vitro tie xian cai decoction possesses antibiotic effect on several common Shigella antibacterial, especially on Shigella dysentery bacillus (2-fold dilution method in vitro). The dilution of 1:256, not only possesses bacteria inhibition effect also possesses bactericidal effect. Antibiotic effect on Shushi and Freund Shigella is less, and the antibiotic effect of Shigella sonnei bacilli is least. In vitro the tablets made ??of tie xian cai also possesses anti Shigella effect.  In vitro, 50% tie xian cai decoction possesses various degrees of inhibitory effect on Staphylococcus aureus, Vibrio cholerae, Bacillus anthracis, Shushi Shigella (using agar plate method). The antibacterial effect seems to be different on different parts of the roots, stems, and leaves, and on  different bacteria. Tie xian cai alcohol extract also possesses  antibacterial effect.

 Actions & Indications:
Detoxifies, improves nutrition, stops dysentery, arrests bleeding. For treatment of enteritis, dysentery, amoebic dysentery, Infantile Malnutrition, Virus Hepatitis, malaria, vomiting blood, epistaxis, hematuria, blood in the stool, uterine bleeding; topical treatment of carbuncle sores, traumatic bleeding, Eczema, Contact Dermatitis, snake bites.

Daly Dosage:
15 to 30 g.

External use: appropriate amount. Use fresh herb. Smash and apply to affected area.
Samples of formulae:
Treatment of enteritis, diarrhea, vomiting blood, Nasal Bleeding, blood in the stool, cough, Asthma: dried tie xian cai 30 to 60 g. Make into decoction and take orally. 

Treatment of Contact Dermatitis, Eczema: wash the Jianshui outside oftie xian cai. 

Treatment of traumatic bleeding: fresh tie xian cai , appropriate amount, and a little sugar. Smash and apply topically.

Treatment of snake bites: tie xian cai, ban bian lian, da qing ye,  30 g each. Make into decoction and take orally. 

Treating traumatic wounds: tie xian cai 18 to 30 g. Make into decoction and take orally. 

Treatment of Infantile Malnutrition: fresh tie xian cai 30 to 60 g. Make soup with pig liver. Take orally. 

Treatment of Infantile bloating, testicular enlargement: fresh tie xian cai 30 to 60 g  products. Make into decoction. Take orally. 

Treatment of uterine bleeding: fresh tie xian cai 30 to 60 g. Smash and make juice or make into decoction. Take orally. 

Treatment of Lack of mother's milk: fresh tie xian cai15 to 30 g. or use dried herb 6 g to 9 g. make into decoction with fish. Take orally.

Treatment of scarlet fever, Eczema: fresh tie xian cai, smash and make juice. Apply to affected area.

Treatment of asthma or coughing up blood:  fresh tie xian cai 30 g. Make into decoction and take orally.

Treatment of necrosis fistula: dried tie xian cai dry 60 to 90 g, dried gou er cha  (rhizome berchemia) 60 g. Simmer with wine and water. Take orally. 

acalypha australis (tiexiancai)

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