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Allium fistulosum (Congbai)

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All part of China
Properties (characteristics):
Acrid, warm.

Channels meridians entered:
Lung, stomach.
Medical functions:

Actions & Indications:
Common cold or influenza with fever and Headache, achy and numb body, cold type (yang deficient) of abdomen ache constipation or difficulty in urination inflammation of throat, dysentery, beriberi, Mastitis, boils, parasites in intestines, injuries from impact, food poisoning from fish, snake and insect bites, stabilizes pregnancy.
Daly Dosage:
10 to 30 g
Samples of formulae:
Treatment of common cold or flu with no sweat: cong bai 15 g, Rhizoma Zingiberis (Ganjiang) 3 g,  dou chi 9 g. Boil with water and drink while warm.

Another formula:
Treatment of common cold or flu: cong bai, fresh ginger, 15 g each, salt 3 g, mash, wrap with gauze. Rubbed the chest, back, soles of the feet, palms, arm pits, inside the bends of elbows. This can  enable patients to sleep peacefully. After half an hour after the rubbing, some patients started to sweat and fever started to subside and symptoms relieved and the next day completely well. Treatment of 107 cases are effective in 1-2 days. Generally used one time, a few cases with 2 times.
Do not use in cases of biao xu (external deficient) with instant sweating.

allium fistulosum (congbai)

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