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Allium officinarum (Dasuan)

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Properties (characteristics):
Acrid, warm.

Channels (meridians) entered:
large intestine, lung, spleen, stomach.

Example Formula:
Asthma (folk formula from Jiang Su province of China)
15 pieces of single clove garlic, rock sugar 300 g

First place 5 pieces of garlic and 100 g of rock sugar in a bowl and steam them on top of rice (while cooking) for 20 minutes. Drink the juice and save the garlic. After nine days, use the cooked garlic and add 5 more pieces and 100 g of rock sugar and cook the same way. Drink the juice and save the garlic. After nine days do the same thing with the rest of the garlic and rock sugar and the cooked garlic.

This formula is good for cold syndrome type of Asthma
Whooping Cough (folk's formula) during acute period:

Ingredients: da suan (garlic) 10 g, drinking water 50 c. c., sugar to taste.
Smash da suan (da suan) and add drinking water and sugar to taste. Take 5 to 10 g each time.

6 to 15 g or 3 to 5 cloves in decoction.
Not to use in cases of yin deficient (yinxu), shortly after child birth, measles, boils, epidemic diseases, toothache, tongue infection, during diarrhea or eye infection.

allium officinarum (dasuan)

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