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Citrus aurantium (Chenpi)

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The herb is produced in Hua Zhou, Mao Ming districts of Guangdong province and Bo Bai, Lu Chuan districts of Guangxi, Qian Yang district of Hunan or China.
Properties (characteristics):
Acrid, bitter, warm.
Channels (meridians) entered:
Stomach, spleen.
Actions & Indications:
Being used in wind cold type of cold and cough, itchy throat with abundance of phlegm, indigestion and over eating, over consumption of alcohol, Stomachache, flatulence, burping bad smell and tightness in stomach.
Chemical ingredients:
Fruit contains naringin, naringenin. Peel contians citral, geraniol, linalool, anthranilic acid), methyl ester, naringin, naringenin, citral, geraniol, linalool, anthranilic acid), methyl ester.
 5 ~ 10 g

Do not use in cases hot phlegm with qixu (qi deficient) and/or yinxu (yin deficient) condition.

citrus aurantium (chenpi)

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