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Croton tiglium (Badou)

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Sichuan, Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou
Properties (characteristics):
Seed: acrid, hot
Root and leaves: acrid, warm

Channels (meridians) entered:
Stomach, large intestine, lung
Actions & Indications:
As laxative for Constipation, distention, abdominal fullness and pain caused by extreme coldness of bowels
for ascites
for clogged phlegm
for topical uses for abscesses and ulcers, to speed up ulceration of abscesses
Chemical ingredients:
Protein 18%
Croton oil 34~57%
Phorbol diester 4%
Phorbol triester 4%
Crotonic acid
Stearic acid 0.3%
Tiglic acid
Palmitic acid 0.9%
Internal use: 0.15 to 0.3 , rid of skin and press out oil (ba dou shuang), make into pills, or powder form.
External use: appropriate amount. Grind into powder or smash into pulp and wrap with gauze on affected parts. Roots: 3 to 9 g .Leaves: appropriate amount. Boil with water for washing the affected parts.

This herb should be used with extreme care.
Not to use in cases of pregnancy or in weak patients. Do not use with quan niu zi.

croton tiglium (badou)

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