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Santalum album (Tanxiang)

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Australia, Indonesia, and South Asia. It also has been introduced into Taiwan, Guangdong, Hainan, Yunnan Provinces of China.
Properties (characteristics):
Acrid, warm.
Channels (meridians) entered:
Spleen, stomach, lung.
Medical functions:
Enhances gastric peristalsis, Promote secretion of digestive juices.
Antibacterial effect of the evaporation oilis not strong, of Salmonella typhi phenol coefficient in 0.1 below.
Can relieve ineffective cough; overdose can cause stomach, kidney, and skin irritation.

diuretic effect: for difficulty in urination, can improve symptoms. Rats that were fed the herb of 0.5-2g/kg, caused the number urinary tract Staphylococcus aureus growth to be reduced by 60%. Inhibitory concentration of sandalwood oil :1:64000 to 1: 128000 can be effective on Shigella;
concentration of the evaporating oil of 1:32000 can inhibit bird Mycobacterium tuberculosis, no effect on E. coli.

The evaporating oil can  cause paralysis of the small intestine in vitro of rabbit. The evaporating oil can irritate rabbit ear skin. The evaporating oil of α-, β-santalol is neuroleptic, possesses tranquilizing effect.
Actions & Indications:
For vomit, Ulcerative Colitis, stomach distension, hipcup, chest distress.
Oral dose: in decoction 1.5-3 g. The herb should be added during the 5 minutes of cooking.
Not to be used in case of yinxu (yin deficient) with heat, or spitting blood or nose bleeding due to strong heat.

santalum album (tanxiang)

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