Acupuncture Treatment for Cholesterol -
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Acupuncturists believe that moderation should rule, and that people need to be treated individually, and that other lifestyle factors may play a more important factor than high cholesterol in determining heart and vascular health. Many studies have shown that reducing cholesterol can reduce heart problems is some people but not in everyone. Other studies have shown that cholesterol reducing drugs have actually increased the incidence of heart attack in diabetic patients. Studies have also shown that iron in the body correlates with heart disease in the same way that cholesterol does, but as there is no money to be made by reducing iron intake, you won't find out about this from your doctor or in the press, both of whom are highly influenced by the cholesterol industry.

Acupuncturists and practitioners of Chinese medicine will certainly advise you to avoid too much fatty food. A "rich man's diet", as the ancients put it, has been known for thousands of years to cause "diseases of the rich" such as diabetes, heart diseases, and some cancers. But this does not mean that taking cholesterol-reducing drugs, which, by the way, were created from a Chinese herb, red rice yeast, is good for everyone. These drugs can do harm as well as good.

If you have unfortunately suffered from this disease for a long time, and you have failed to find solution to solve it, you're warmly welcome to communicate with us. We are willing to give you valuable advice and we're ready to do TCM Diagnosis for Cholesterol. Where There is Healing… There is Hope.

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