Acupuncture Treatment for Constipation
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Traditional Chinese medicine recognises two main reasons for constipation. The main reason Chinese medicine practitioners see is a weakness of the large intestine and because of that, it cannot make enough peristaltic or anti-peristaltic movements, which causes its content to stay accumulated in one area and cause constipation. This is mostly viewed as blood deficiency, qi deficiency, coldness and yin deficiency. Another reason is that the large intestine has too much heat, causing it to absorb more water than normal, making the content dry, hard and slow to move.

This may be hard to understand for people who are not familiar with traditional Chinese medicine, but using acupuncture for constipation restores the colon activity by activating qi energy and blood circulation in order to remove the excess heat form it. This treatment lasts for 1-3 sessions and is combined with herbal medicine for best results.

If you have unfortunately suffered from this disease for a long time, and you have failed to find solution to solve it, you're warmly welcome to communicate with us. We are willing to give you valuable advice and we're ready to do TCM Diagnosis for Constipation. Where There is Healing… There is Hope.

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