Back pains get answers from acupuncturists
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Acupuncture for Upper Back Pain
The upper back is called the cervical area. The cervical vertibrae of the neck end in the upper back. The shu points for the lungs are located on the upper back. Conditions such as asthma and bronchitis are treated using these acupuncture points.

Often, pain or other nerve problems in the arms, wrists, hands, and fingers are treated by needling points in the upper back and neck. Since some of the acupuncture channels that cross the upper back and neck originate in the hands and fingers, pain in the arms, wrists, and hands can have their origin in the upper (cervical spine). Sometimes upper back pain is not treated with points located in the upper back. These pains in the neck, shoulder, and upper back are treated using acupuncture points on the hands and wrists.

Acupuncture for Mid Back Pain
This area of the back is generally called the thoracic area. In this area you'll find acupuncture points used to treat not only mid-back pain but also disharmonies of the heart, liver, spleen, and gallbladder.

Acupuncture for Low Back Pain
The lower back consists of the lower thoracic vertibrae and the sacral vertibrae. Since the sciatic nerve emerges from the low back, acupuncture also treats sciatica, which may cause hip pain, leg pain, or foot pain. In the region of the lower back are found the shu points to treat problems of the kidneys, urinary bladder, and both small and large intestines.

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