Elctro-acupuncture are commonly used for Rheumatoid Arthritis
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According to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, there are several theoretical constructs to form the view of body and its dysfunctions. The person is treated as a whole rather than the isolated symptoms of the disease. Lifestyle and environmental factors that triggered the problem also needed to be considered. All treatment is arranged according to TCM pattern diagnosis after analyse signs and symptoms for the individual. Acupuncture is one of the treatment methods that use needles to stimulate energy (qi) flow in the pathway (meridian system) within the body. By inserting thin needles into certain points on the "meridians", it speeds up the circulation and clears the blockage of pathway. Consequently, the symptoms and the uncomfortable feeling will be reduced after regular treatments.

RA in TCM belongs to the category of Bi Syndrome, which means the blockage due to pathogenic factors. Treatment focuses to reduce the pain in the acute stage by removing the blockage caused by three main pathogenic factors, wind, cold and dampness (heat also might be involved, especially due to wind-cold-damp retained in the body for long time). Treatment can be conducted 3-4 times a week depends on the symptoms up to 10 times as a course or till the pain is under controlled. In the chronic stage, treatment targets on strengthening the internal organs such as spleen, liver and kidney which relate to RA in TCM. It also helps to strengthen muscles, relaxes tendons and slows down the damage of joints. Treatment can be reduced to 1-3 times a week up to another 10 times. Needling, cupping, moxibustion and elctro-acupuncture are commonly used on the local and distal points of affected joints in both stages. Herbs also can be prescribed to enhance the acupuncture results.

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