Epilepsy is cused by internal wind invasion in TCM
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From the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) standpoint, practitioners often attribute the cause of epilepsy to "internal wind invasion".
This broad grouping pertains to a slew of disorders characterized by involuntary or abnormal movements such as seizures, tics, tremors, and even includes vestibular problems, coma, and stroke. The metaphor alludes to the movements one sees when wind rattles leaves on trees, causing them to shake erratically or in concert, but certainly involuntarily. The ancient Chinese acupuncturists saw how people or animals experiencing seizures resembled the motions exhibited by leaves in a strong breeze. 

Internal wind invasions contrast with "external wind" afflictions, in which problem arise from exposure to a windy climate. Patients suffering from external wind invasion are experiencing the equivalent of an  upper respiratory illness in biomedical terms, not seizures or tics.  Internal wind arises from endogenous causes. From a TCM perspective, etiologies of internal wind invasion include the havoc wreaked by a diseased or otherwise unhappy liver, fever, congenital weakness, poor circulation, blood loss, prolonged frustration, or repeated outbursts of anger. 

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