Special acupuncture points help relieve stress
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According to traditional Chinese medicine, many forms of anxiety stem from deficiencies or stagnations of Qi (aka "chi" or simply "energy") in different parts of the body. Various types of Qi issues, as well as their symptoms, are described below:

--Lung Qi Deficiency – mood swings, sadness, feelings of grief, shortness of breath, profuse sweating, throat discomfort, cough, thin pulse and fatigue. 
--Kidney Qi Deficiency – feelings of dread and fear, knee and lower back weakness, lack of sexual libido, pale tongue, weak pulse, cold extremities, frequent urination. 
--Liver Qi Stagnation – tight pulse, digestive problems, fatigue, muscle tension, tightness and pain, weak appetite, mood swings, irritability. 
--Heart and Spleen Qi Deficiency – weak pulse, fatigue, insomnia, heart palpitations, constant worry, poor appetite. 

Typical Body Points Used for Treating Anxiety with Acupuncture
--The kidney points, for treating shock and fear. 
--The liver points, for treating depression and anger. 
--The heart points, to treat an absence of joy. 
--The lung points, for treating unresolved grief. 

Common points on the front of the body used to treat anxiety through acupuncture include locations on the head, stomach, lower legs and lower arms. Points in the ears are also used to balance neurotransmitters in the brain and create an overall sense of well-being. These points are generally treated with hair-thin needles, allowing for a painless treatment session that can last between a half hour and an hour. Sometimes ear seeds or body tacks are applied, which can be safely used to continue treating your anxiety on an as-needed basis between your acupuncture treatments. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Depressive Syndrome.
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