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Azoospermia is a condition that involves absence of sperm in the seminal fluid. The condition causes infertility in males and requires male infertility treatments for those who wish to reproduce with their partner. The most common cause of azoospermia is associated with either sperm production or any obstruction in sperm delivery. In many cases, men with azoospermia do not show any symptoms or indications, unless their partner experiences difficulty in getting pregnant. 

The non-obstructive azoospermia occurs due to abnormal sperm production. The major causes of this condition include hormonal problems, testicular failure, and varicocele. Improper functioning of the pituitary hormone can also severely reduce or stop sperm production. Testicles are the part of the male genitalia that produce an adequate number of mature sperm. Any impairment in the testicles due to genetic abnormalities or other reasons also hampers mature sperm production. Sometimes a condition called a varicocele, dilation of the veins of the scrotum, may also disrupt sperm production. Dilation of the veins causes pooling of extra blood to the scrotum and has a negative impact on sperm production.

In speaking of the treatment by traditional Chinese medicine, firstly we learn the treatment principles of traditional Chinese medicine, and then determine the treatment based on differentiation of symptoms and signs; after that, we combine Western medicine's inspection result with traditional Chinese medicine's theories, and use more complete Chinese medicinal formulae to achieve the magic curative effect to cure necrospermia by curing prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, deferentitis, epididymitis and orchitis. 

Prostatitis, orchitis and seminal vesiculitis result from the cross-infection of the same pathogenic bacteria, that's to say, once a position (the prostate gland, testicle or seminal vesicle) is infected by bacteria or viruses, the other two positions would probably be infected by the same kind of bacteria or visuses. We apply the traditional Chinese medicine which have the effect of clearing away heat and toxic material to kill all the bacteria, viruses and pathogens to control the primary lesion and make mycoplasma and chlamydia turn negative. Continue to learn TCM Treatment Evaluation for Male Infertility.
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