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Blocked fallopian tubes
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Fallopian tubes are a pair of small tubes that link the ovaries to the uterus, and are sometimes called uterine tubes, salpinges or oviducts. They’re approximately 7 to 14 centimeters long, and start at the top corner of the uterus and move outwards to form a structure called the fibria. The fallopian tubes are vital for conception to take place, but they are extremely fragile and as such must be given due importance.

The fallopian tubes are made up of smooth muscle tissue, lined with ciliated cells. Ciliated cells are cells that have tiny hair-like projections that move objects in one direction. They are also lined with thin mucus to keep the fallopian tubes moist and lubricated, and to help maintain a healthy environment for sperm and eggs. Fallopian tubes can become blocked because of inflammation, infections, liquids, or scarring and adhesions.

There are a variety of herbs that can be used to unblock fallopian tubes. Many of these can be used individually, though you will have more success if you use a variety of them in conjunction with one another. Milk thistle seed extract has proven itself to be quite useful in treating a number of different fertility issues including blocked fallopian tubes. Herbs such as horsetail, burdock, crampbark, pine tree bark and vitex also help with blocked fallopian tubes, mainly by treating the conditions that can cause the scar tissue and blockage in the first place. Additionally, many women have had success using castor oil packs that are used as a poultice on the abdominal area to help dislodge blockages and promote healthy circulation. 

Thankfully there are alternative treatments to unblock your fallopian tubes, and help you to get pregnant, that do not involve taking drugs or having surgeries. The natural method I have had success with is the blocked fallopian tube kit, which comprises of only seven steps. This method has been tried and tested for hundreds of years and is completely safe for you to try at home.

Herbal Tampons: This method is used to administer some herbal remedies used to treat blocked fallopian tubes. The herbs are brewed in a small amount of hot water to make a strong tea. An organic cotton tampon is then placed in the mixture to absorb as much of the liquid as possible and the soaked medicated tampon is inserted into the body. This is best done before sleeping so that the herbs will be better absorbed by the body.

It’s also possible that fallopian tubes are blocked only some of the time. This type of blockage is referred to as a "functional blockage". This scenario is typical in women who experience a lot of stress. Stress tends to constrict pelvic musculature and decrease blood flow and this can be a factor in inability to conceive. This type of functional blockage responds very well to acupuncture as well as Chinese herbal medicine. Also, excessive mucous buildup within the tube can create a plug and cause blockage. In Chinese medicine, this would be refered to as "damp accumulation" and would be treated through dietary therapy, herbs and acupuncture. Click here to learn TCM Treatment Evaluation for Primary Infertility

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