COLD is the one of the causes of infertility in TCM

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Infertility is known as the inability of a couple to conceive after a year of unprotected sexual intercourse. Only around 10% of affected individuals seek medical help due to an unawareness of availability of treatments. This work will talk about the traditional Chinese medicine concept of "cold" in the treatment of infertility.

What is "Cold"?
Cold is considered to be a Yin pathogen and that tends to affect yang qi resulting in stagnation and coagulation in blood and contraction of the muscles as well as slow heart rate, and impaired kidney function and immune system as a result of lack of energy flow and slow qi flow.

Impaired immune system
In winter, cold is often prevalent causing obstruction in defensive yang qi, resulting in an impaired immune system that fights against viruses, bacteria, and free radicals. This causes an elevated risk of the development of an antibody antigen. The abnormal functions of the reproductive system in sperm production in men causes to the immune system to attack the body’s own sperm.
Blood coagulation and stagnation

In traditional Chinese medicine theory yang qi is essential in the regulation of fluid and blood in the body. When cold enters the body, it lowrs the temperature in the body causing fluid and blood flow to slow down and coagulate causing fluid retention in men. In women, women are at risk of abnormal pain and muscle contraction when cold pathogen enters their body.

Accumulation of toxins
As cold invades, it causes the sweat pores and the muscular striae to close resulting in difficult movements of the muscle and raising the possibility of toxin accumulation that in turn leads to a sluggish immune and liver system which are essential for the normalizing abnormal cell growth such as adhesion, tumor, and implants in the testes and uterus.

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