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Cervical erosion and Chinese herbal therapy
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The medical term for cervical erosion is 'cervical ectopy'. It is a condition in which cells that normally line the inside of the cervical canal extend on to the surface of the cervix. 

Normally, the inside of the cervical canal is lined with columar epithelium and the outside with squamous epithelium. These connect at the squamo-columnar junction. In cervical erosion, the columnar epithelium may extend further down ad protrude on the surface of the cervical os and onto the vaginal portion of cervix. It may also undergo squamous metaplasia and transform to stratified squamous epithelium. 

Causes of Cervical Erosion
Estrogen level
Cervical erosion is believed to be a response to high levels of circulationg oestrogen in the body. Estrogen levels may be high at different times in a woman's life. 

In Pregnancy: 
Cervical Erosion is a very common finding during pregnancy - believed to be due to the high levels of estrogen levels in the body at that time. 
It can cause mild bleeding during pregnancy, usually during sexual intercourse when the penis touches the cervix. The erosion disappears spontaneously 3 - 6 months after childbirth. In Women on Birth Control Pills: All birth control pills contain the hormones, estrogen and progesterone in different strengths. Cervical er0sion is more common in women taking pills with a high level of estrogen. 

At Birth: 
Cervical erosion is found in at least 1/3rd of all female babies. It tends to disappear during childhood. Many researchers believe that this is a response to the maternal estrogen that the babies are subjected to while still in the uterus. The erosion disappears as the influence decreases. In Women on Hormone Replacement Therapy(HRT): HRT in menopause mainly consists of replacement of estrogen in the body through pills, patches, creams etc. This estrogen can cause cervical erosion. In Postmenopausal Women not on HRT: Cervical erosion is rarely seen in women after the menopause as the level of estrogen in the blood is very low. 

The theory that infection is the cause of cervical erosion is slowly losing ground. Evidence is increasing that infection does not cause cervical erosion but it is rather the other way around - the changed cells of cervical erosion are more susceptible to various bacteria and fungi and tends to get infected very easily. As such, cervical erosion and cervical infections are often seen together, leading to the belief that infection causes cervical erosion. 

How Chinese medicine treats Cervical Erosion 
Herbal medicine treatment cures cervical erosion from the root. Since cervical erosion is linked to endocrine system, herbal medicine treats and cures cervical erosion, cervical ulceration and cervical ectropion by adjusting endocrine system in the body that triggered cervical erosion. 
For infection and inflammation of cervical erosion, herbal medicine treatment for pid is used to clear infection and inflammation so that cervix is restored to healthy and normal state. Women with cervical erosion and pid can take a natural approach to cure their pelvic problems at home with herbal treatments. More information, please click to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Cervicitis
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