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Chaotic fever and TCM
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Chaotic fever occurs with the abnormality of mkhris-pa, with additional factors such as abnormal weather, diet and immoderation in dally life. All the three elements of badkan, mkhris pa, and rlung are involved, with ensuing blood fever. The pathogenesis may vary on the basis of different ages and congenital  status. In young patients, it is mainly due to the blood and mkhris pa heat oppressed by badkan, resulting in a soft fever: For those in the prime of life, when mkhris pa is affected due to improper diet, the fever in the blood is exuberant, creating an exuberant fever; in those of advanced age, the same causes may lead to disturbance of rlung and blood. The affected badkan may aggravate the mkhris pa fever, resulting in void fever. Hence, manifestations of the chaotic fever vary with different ages.

The soft fever, or chaotic fever in young people, manifests itself throughcoughing with phlegm, hot and yellow urine that is rich in vapor, mild degree of pain over the whole body; exuberant or chaotic fever in those in the prime of life manifests itself in full-large-tense-rapid and forceful pulse, chills, shortness of breath, asthma, chest pain, coughing with sticky yellow and foamy sputum; in advanced age, it is called void chaotic fever, manifested by empty-rapid  pulse, reddish urine with ample vapor and bubbles, reddened eyes, dry tongue and mouth, feverish skin, constant thirst and drinking too much water, or even coma and delirium in severe cases.

There are two types of treatment, external and internal. For external medicine.this includes bloodletting at corresponding points, and a diet and daily life regime similar to that for fever ailments in general. For exuberant type chaotic fever, Shi-er-wei-yi-shou Powder (Herba Pterocephali, Radix Aconiti forrestii, Herba Oxytopis, Radix Aconiti tanguticum, Herba Hypecoum, Calciosinter, Flos Carthami, bezoar, white sandalwood, Feces Ochotona erythritis, bezoar, Benzoic) should be first given, followed by Ba-zhu Powder (Bezoar, white sandlewood, Calciosinter, saffron, Herba Swertia purpurascens, Herba Corydalis sibericae.
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