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Hepatitis C
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Hepatitis C is a serious health problem for every society. Like AIDS, it is a new disease, It will affect many more people than AIDS. Traditional Chinese Medicine has a great deal to offer in terms of treatment, allowing the patient to reduce their symptoms and slowing down the progression of the disease. 

TCM treatment of hepatitis must be done according to its stage. This applies to all types of hepatitis: A, B and C. Previously hepatitis A was the most observed, and we had a lot of experience. Now, we have B and C. Type C is very different; the virus directly attacks the DNA inside liver cells, and can lead to cirrhosis or cancer. This is very serious, and often fatal. Trying to kill the virus as the main strategy is not effective; it will not work. You cannot kill the virus when it is inside the cell, before it ruptures. What we can do is treat the damaged liver, so as to slow down the rate of the disease and prevent cirrhosis or cancer. This cannot be done with antiviral herbs; it is necessary to treat the whole body. Traditional Chinese Medicine gives good results, especially when combining acupuncture and herbal medicine. Continue to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Viral Hepatitis

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